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The release date of the ASKA album “Fire Eater” on vinyl is January 31st, 2014. The limited vinyl edition consists 333 pieces (black/orange splatter) and is coming with gatefold. The preorder phase will start on January 17th, 2014 in our webshop.

Not very many US-Metal fans might make a list of their favorite bands of the 80s without ASKA from Texas. The quartet around front man George Call (ex-OMEN) now plays for 23 years and knows how to fascinate the scene. Albums like “Nine Tongues” and “Avenger” (both re-released by Pure Steel) have reached cult status. Their latest studio album was released six years ago, so it’s definitely time for something new!

So now we present “Fire Eater”: powerful and with lots of drive and passion, as we know from their former albums. Melodic and straight heavy metal with a typical ASKA sound, George’s distinctive, rough and high power-voice, perfectly placed high-pitched screams, and some classic Maiden-Twin-leads: everything that a metal fan might wish for can be found on this newest release. The anthem-like “Valhalla”, the fast double-bass “Son of a God”, “Eye of the Serpent” (which was on EMERALD’s “Unleashed” album), or the powerful JUDAS PRIEST-cover version “The Ripper”: ASKA always know how to convince their fans!

With “Fire Eater”, ASKA show that classic US-metal has not lost its magic!

Side A
1. Everyone Dies
2. Dead Again
3. Vahalla
4. Son Of A God
5. Angela

Side B
6. Harlot Of Eden
7. Red Cell
8. The Ripper
9. Year Of Jubilee
10. The Last Message
11. Eye Of The Serpent

Total Playing Time: 50:34 min

George Call – vocals, guitars
Chris Menta – guitars
Keith Knight – vocals, bass
Danny White – drums