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XII° Milagre Metaleiro Open Air – O melhor festival de verão é aqui!

HAIL GUERREIROS DO ARAME FARPADO! É após um par de maratonas de trabalho que apresentamos o cartaz final do XII° Milagre Metaleiro Open ...
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DEFIANCE and KIL D’KOR releases on Lost Realm Records

DEFIANCE 'Childz Dream' CD KIL D'KOR 'Chained Angels - The Demos' CD There is no doubt that Lost Realm Records is one of the most ...
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PICTURE forthcoming, highly anticipated NEW album titled “WINGS”.

PICTURE have made a very special announcement about their forthcoming, highly anticipated NEW album titled "WINGS". Here is a statement from ...
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Chariot – New “The New Horizon Dawns” CD on Templo do Rock!

Chariot - The New Horizon Dawns CD  Absolutely fantastic, Chariot are back with a new album! I'm actually quite surprised by ...
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Voltz ‎– Knight’s Fall 2CD on Templo do Rock!

Voltz ‎– Knight's Fall 2CD Historical document essential of the British Voltz 'career. Indispensable for those who like the pure wrapping ...
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The Deep is back and they are “Watching You”!

The Deep "Watching You" - Absolutely wonderful this new work from The Deep! Many thanks to this British traditional metal band of the highest ...
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Damien joins Lost Realm Records for 4 luxurious releases (CD + DVD)!

My dear friends, Lost Realm Records has just released these four amazing "firecrackers" from Damien, a major US Metal reference. Moreover, ...
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Mythra on Templo do Rock Radio Show!

Mythra are one of the undisputed names of the NWOBHM movement. Bands like these deserve all our very respect and consideration, but not just ...
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Dico fala ao Templo do Rock sobre o apaixonante “Emigrantes, Imigrantes — Experiências de Vida no Universo Metálico Português (1989 – 2018)”

Honra lhe seja merecidamente feita, Dico é sem dúvida um dos maiores resistentes da nossa praça e um verdadeiro desbravador de caminhos, no ...
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WEAPON UK – “Set The Stage Alight – The Anthology”

“Set The Stage Alight” must be considered one of the biggest hymns of the entire New Wave Of British Heavy Metal period. Just ask a certain ...
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