BLIND HAZE is a new band playing old Heavy Metal in the vein of Motorhead and Tank and are a perfect example of fresh talent in today’s thriving scene! Their debut EP “The Quick and The Damned” showcases plenty of nods to the NWOBHM greats and should be a treat for the fans at BROFEST!


North East NWOBHM legends BLITZKRIEG are always welcome on the stage at BROFEST, this time having just returned from their sell out tour of South America! These fan favourites can be sure of a warm reception as part of our special package for Friday evening and will showcase a typically classic set that has made them such giants the world over!


Cult NWOBHM legends CYNIC UK are well known for their 1983 “Suicide” single being one of the best examples of the genre and a much sought after record by fans. In 2003 the band got back together and released a compilation called “Right Between the Eyes” which contained all the bands early work remastered. With some sporadic live shows and a fantastic follow up album “Suburban Crisis” released in 2008, CYNIC UK promise to be one of the most exciting appearances at BROFEST #4!


The sadly short-lived Heavy Metal outfit DEALER disbanded soon after the release of their only album “First Strike” in 1986. However the band have been back on the road since 2010 and some fans may already know what a killer live show will be in store at BROFEST #4! As a special treat, DEALER will be tearing through the “First Strike” album in its entirety so get ready for something extraordinary!


German headbangers DESASTER will join the BROFEST lineup as Saturday night’s Special Guests. Inspired by the more aggressive NWOBHM sounds of Newcastle legends Venom, DESASTER will be stirring things up with their raging blackened thrash metal mayhem! This will be DESASTER’s first show in the UK in 6 years and their first ever in the North East!


A truly exciting prospect and our first reunion show announcement for 2016 is the return of the mighty GEDDES AXE! The band released a handful of quality gems in the early 80s including the “Sharpen Your Wits” single and the incredible “Escape from New York” EP. This will be the band’s first show since 1983 and what better place to do it than on the stage at BROFEST!


For the second time in a row Cumbria’s Hammerhead will make an appearance at BROFEST. Not without justification – even Germany’s Rock Hard magazine rated them “best band of the festival” in 2015! And this time around HAMMERHEAD will have a special present for their most loyal fans. The first 250 paying punters at BROFEST #4 will get a free Hammerhead 7” single including two unreleased live tracks (recorded at Brofest 2015). This limited edition on red vinyl will only be available as a free gift at the festival!


Another band that are super hot right now HESSIAN from Portland, Maine play an irresistible mixture of old school Heavy Metal and throwback occult rock that ought to get hips shaking at BROFEST #4! Their debut album “Bachelor of The Black Arts” has been met with rave reviews and this will be the band’s first and so far only UK date in 2016!


Another treat for NWOBHM fans, HIGH TREASON are probably best known for their catchy and energetic “Saturday Night Special” single, released in 1980 and is now quite a collector’s item! After years of inactivity, High Roller Records released the band’s first full length album entitled “Radio Will Find Me” in 2007, which sold out in no time and is now itself already a rarity! So don’t miss out on their next record due for release this year, and don’t miss the chance to witness this rocking live appearance at BROFEST #4!


MARTIN TURNER PLAYS THE SONGS OF WISHBONE ASH and headlines the closing the night of BROFEST #4 on Sunday. MARTIN TURNER was the founding member of WISHBONE ASH back in 1963 and was the lead singer and bass player throughout their most critically and commercially successful period during the 70s. The twin guitar harmonies employed by the band inspired the likes of Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden in the years that followed. Since 2004 Martin has been back on the stage playing all the classic WISHBONE ASH songs across Europe to widespread acclaim, and with new album “Written in the Stars” out in September, this ought to be a very special show!


BROFEST has hosted some of the belters on Guardian Records n Tapes roster before, but not many as exciting as Teesside’s MILLENNIUM! After an amazing self-titled debut in 1984 these guys sadly never caught the break they deserved and a few demos later they had called it a day. With the album recently reissued though, MILLENNIUM are back for a reunion show at BROFEST #4 and will be making history once again!


OMEN SEARCHER’s blistering “Too Much” single is something of a cult favourite amongst fans and collectors of NWOBHM so their appearance at BROFEST #4 will be a highly anticipated event! The band have been working hard over the years and build an impressive array of solid rocking anthems! Their debut album “First Contact” is out now – go check it out!


Formed way back in 1976, most NWOBHM fanatics will recognise OXYM from their appearance on Nigel Bunham’s “New Electric Warriors” Compilation with the track “Hot Rain”! Back after an almost 35 year hiatus, OXYM released the fantastic single “Two Way Mirror” just last year and now Tolly and the boys have been working hard on their debut album! This is a band that we hope to see a lot more of in the future and their appearance at BROFEST #4 is set to be a very special show!


A rare treat for all the underground NWOBHM bangers out there, ROBESPIERRE have only until now ever appeared on record! Sparked by the cult following of their demo material they released a compilation record back in 2011. The band have been recording their first album “Reign of Terror” and their appearance at BROFEST#4 will be ROBESPIERRE’s first ever live show!


Hip swinging heavy metal is the order of the day as charismatic frontman RODNEY SHADES and his band THE RODNEY SHADES BAND hit the stage for the first time ever at BROFEST #4 and unleash some rock n roll craziness! Squeal your way along to the new single “In the Kingdom”!


SATAN will be hitting the BROFEST stage as headliners on Saturday night as they play their first local show in 30 years! Don’t miss the original “Court In The Act” lineup – Brian Ross, Graeme English, Russ Tippins, Sean Taylor and Steve Ramsey thrashing the stage at BROFEST 2016!


Derbyshire heroes SARACEN will be a delight to many fans of BROFEST #4 – their 1981 classic “Heroes, Saints and Fools” album is a milestone of the more progressive style of the NWOBHM movement. Reunited in the 21st Century, vocalist Steve Bettney hasn’t lost any of his powerful delivery and with new album “Redemption” out just recently, you won’t want to miss this very rare show from one of British Progressive Rock’s finest!


A real NWOBHM gem for all the die hard fans out there, the SATAN’S EMPIRE track “Soldiers Of War” appeared on Neat Records “Lead Weight” compilation in 1981. Otherwise not much has been heard from this band since the days they supported Budgie at the Dundee festival! But now they are back and will be rocking the stage at BROFEST #4 for a very unique show and their first in over 30 years!


We are delighted to have Barnsley’s SEVENTH SON on board as they approach their 35th anniversary of rocking in the free world! Check out the stellar output this band has had on High Roller records over the last few years and you’ll see that this a band not to be missed at BROFEST!


SIEGE are another great cult NWOBHM band, best known for their “Goddess of Fire” single released in 1985. Original vocalist Sharon Thompson sadly passed away in 2010, but the remaining members got SIEGE back together and recorded the “Razor Wing” album in her honour in 2013. With the original spirit of their epic metal anthems still firmly intact, SIEGE will be exploding onto the stage once more at BROFEST #4!


Easily one of the best bands at BROFEST #3 it was only fitting that we invite the mighty TYTAN back for an extended set next year! The band will headline the Friday night of BROFEST #4 and it will be their first gig in 2016, and the first show to feature the new album “Justice Served”! Excited is an understatement!


A bit of a blast from the past for some local veteran headbangers who may remember the last time WEAPON played in Newcastle at the Mayfair back in 1980 – supporting none other than MOTORHEAD on their “Ace up your Sleeve” tour! Re-uniting for their 25th Anniversary and hot on the heels of their long-awaited debut album, the band have been tearing up festivals around Europe for the last decade! Jeff, Danny and the rest of the newly rebranded and certified-OK WEAPON-UK will be setting the stage alight at BROFEST#4-UK!


Friday 19th February

Tytan: 22.00 – 23.00
Blitzkrieg: 20.40 – 21.40
Hammerhead: 19.20 – 20.20

Doors: 18.00

Saturday 20th February

Satan: 21.30 – 23.00
Desaster: 20.00 – 21.00
Geddes Axe: 19.00 – 19.40
Robespierre: 18.00 – 18.40
Cynic: 17.00 – 17.40
High Treason: 16.00 – 16.40
Hessian: 15.00 – 15.40
Blind Haze: 14.00 – 14.40
Rodney Shades Band: 13.00 – 13.40

Doors: Noon

Sunday 21st February

Martin Turner: 21.00 – 22.30
Weapon UK: 20.00 – 20.40
Dealer: 19.00 – 19.40
Seventh Son: 18.00 – 18.40
Millennium: 17.00 – 17.40
Oxym: 16.00 – 16.40
Omen Searcher: 15.00 – 15.40
Siege: 14.00 – 14.40
Satan’s Empire: 13.00 – 13.40

Doors: Noon

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£20 for Saturday or Sunday. Available on the door or in advance (venue collection only) from ticketweb



Brofest #4 preshow featuring (at Trillians Rock Bar):

Spartan Warrior


Sister Rose

Thursday 18th Feb – 7 pm – 1 am – 5£