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AMULET (UK) – London heavy rockers make a return to Brofest with a killer new album in tow!

AVENGER (UK) – With the return of Swifty and a fantastic new record under their belts, these local NWOBHM legends are back to prove that the slaughter never stops!

BLACK ROSE (UK) – Kenny Nicholson is back AGAIN! This time returning with the mighty fine BLACK ROSE, if anyone has caught them over the past few years you will understand why we had to bring them back again. Classic as Classic gets!

BLITZKRIEG (UK) – After stepping in last minute to replace a cancellation and with a storming set last year, it’s only right that BLITZKRIEG return to the Brofest stage for a longer set to cram in even more classics from their immense back catalogue! Time to be BURIED ALIVE!

CHASAR (UK) – Scottish Trio released an absolutely legendary debut LP back in 1983, but broke up around 1988 then reunited in 2009 with the original lineup. We’ve been hearing absolutely killer things about these guys live, so it’s only right that we bring them south of the border to BROFEST(UK) for all you crazy bangers!!!

HAMMER / HOLLAND (UK) – First live show in 30 years from the cult NWOBHM maniacs from Teesside.

HAMMERHEAD (UK) – Known for their excellent (and now somewhat rare) Lonely Man/Time Will Tell 7″ released way back in 1981, Cumbria’s HAMMERHEAD play fantastic hard rocking NWOBHM built on twin guitar melodies and Buzz Elliot’s amazing vocals! With a couple of compilation records out more recently and rumours of a new album in the works, fans can expect a toe tapping set of timeless classics from this perfect addition to the BROFEST (UK) #3 bill!

HIGH SPIRITS (USA) – One of the most important bands of the past decade without question. HIGH SPIRITS will be bringing their brand of HIGH ENERGY ROCK to Brofest(UK) #3 for an EXCLUSIVE UK performance. Having released 1 Full Length Album, the brilliant “ANOTHER NIGHT”, and now the second “YOU ARE HERE” in 2014, along with a handful of demos; High Spirits embody the NWOBHM DIY ethics, while producing some of the most catchy and rocking heavy music around. The Bros are honoured to be bringing HIGH SPIRITS back to Newcastle, expect the show to be delivered with FULL POWER!

HOLLOW GROUND (UK) – Local legends returning after a storming show at Brofest last year, in support of the recently issued WARLORD release on High Roller Records.

HUNDRED (UK) – One of the newer bands on this year’s bill, HUNDRED from West London, boasting a triple guitar attack playing traditional heavy metal, with a brand new self-release EP “The Forest Kingdom”, THE RIDERS ARE COMING – you have been warned!

JAMESON RAID (UK) – Birmingham’s old school NWOBHM rockers will be making a rare UK performance and even rarer northern appearance. With a bunch of classic singles behind them Terry and the boys will be blowing apart BROFEST(UK) next year. I can already feeling it Getting Hotter in here!

MANDORA (UK) – South Shields boys MANDORA are back after 27 year absence and ready to kick off BROFEST (UK) #3 in style! Known for their incendiary live shows (including the famous exploding roadie!) MANDORA’s catchy rock anthems are guaranteed to get the party started!

METAL MIRROR(UK) – Forming in 1979, Metal Mirror released 1 single and 1 demo before going their separate ways. Now they are BACK and ready to get your hips swinging once more, with a few live records released on High Roller Records in 2006, and a new compilation released this year! The Bros are pleased to be bringing them up north and watch out for your English Booze!

MYTHRA (UK) – Formed way back in 1976 in SOUTH SHIELDS, MYTHRA will reuniting to take to the Brofest #3 stage and belt out tracks from the band’s, now legendary DEATH AND DESTINY LP. Another band that only released a handful of demos and 2 7”s, now thankfully reissued for us all to enjoy once more, MYHTRA are true WARRIORS OF TIME, be prepared to have your head blown clean off!

PHASSLAYNE (UK) – NEAT Records local lads PHASSLAYNE will be raging through their CUT IT UP LP, which is made up of storming heavy metal, classic rock and even a bit of swing. There is no time to THINK IT OVER when these lads hit the stage!

RADIUM (UK) – Releasing only 1 7” back in 1981, the fantastically heavy “Through the Smoke”, RADIUM were part of the “East Midlands Band Co-Operative”, or EMBC for short, which featured such cult acts as PARALEX, HELL and RACE AGAINST TIME (for people unaware RACE AGAINST TIME was the band David Halliday played in before he formed HELL). Due to the close friendship built up within this collective, RADIUM members Kevin Healey and Andy Meehan have joined forces with RACE AGAINST TIME members Al Short and Geoff Green – to bring the songs of RADIUM and RACE AGAINST TIME back to the stage for what will no doubt be a mega REUNION of 2 cult NWOBHM Legends! RADIUM’S 7” as well as a live set from Nottingham have just be issued on LP through the brilliant US label BURIED BY TIME AND DUST.

SEVEN SISTERS (UK) – One of the most exciting young bands around, Southern bangers SEVEN SISTERS are definitely ones to watch! Onwards we ride to BROFEST (UK) #3!!!

STORMQUEEN (UK) – First show in over 30 years for the legendary NWOBHMBERS, this will feature both singers from the SQ legacy. OOWWWWWWWHHHHHHH!!!

TRESPASS (UK) – After a few killer hip swinging singles from 1979-1981 and a full length in 1993, Suffolk’s NWOBHM heroes will be making a return to the scene with a new record and no doubt some killer live shows. A number of people have asked us to bring them and its finally fallen into place, all the Bros are super excited to have them rock BROFEST(UK) #3!!!!

TROYEN (UK) – After 32 years and with the original lineup, Warrington boys TROYEN will be gracing the stage once more for all you crazy bangers out there! With only 1 demo officially released back in 1981, TROYEN never got the break they deserved, but these guys are going rock you into FUTURE FRIENDS!

TYRANT(UK) – Gloucestershire’s finest will be reuniting after 30 years for BROFEST(UK) #3. A true underground NWOBHM cult band, only releasing 2 demos and 1 7″ before disbanding back in the 80s. Prepare to Hold Back the Lighting in Newcastle, UK!!

WARBASTARD (UK) – Newcastle’s very own thrash metal maniacs playing proper thrash metal like the Germans URGH! With an absolute disco fucking album released back in 1983 “Principia Thrashmatica”, these guys are here and ready to thrash your tits off!

WITCH CROSS (DNK/UK) – Denmark’s very own heavy metal legends will be making a rare appearance on the isles of the UK. Get ready for a set of swinging heavy metal to rock your night away!