The release date of the DISTANT PAST album “Utopian Void” is January 17th, 2014. The preorder phase will start on January 3rd, 2014 in our webshop.

The newest incarnation of Distant Past, the mystery-themed Heavy Rock/Metal Band founded by A.Troiano (Emerald ), features former Emerald Lead Singer/Guitarist  Jvo Julmy on Vocals.

The little man with the big voice is the shining Star of the new Album, gracing atop the varied song material.

Apart from the Megadeth-like „On the Edge“, most Songs are in the melodic Power Metal Vein, which suits Jvo so well.  „Kingdom of Shadows“ maintains a very madienesque Bass and Guitar Groove; „The Illusion“, „Helpless“ and „A Day of Darkness“ showcase the Band in full 80’s Mode, while „Breath – The Spell“ and „Faces“ show a softer side of the band, but only in parts….

The final Track „The Hell of Verdun“ is a journey into World War One, it takes the listerner through the stages of the most horrendous fights in human history.

Due to popular demand, the first issue of „Utopian Void“ includes 2 Bonus Tracks, previously available online: „Touched by the Gods“ is a Sabbath-Style Song, written by A. Troiano in memory of  the great Ronnie James Dio; and „Sings of the End“, a very chatchy song, that got featured on the Heavy Metal Nation CD Sampler, that presents the best Swiss Bands every Year.

„Utopian Void“ shows power and strenght, Drama and Passion with unusual and memorable Songs, a great Album by a hard rocking band ! We invite you to get into the groove!


1. A Day Of Darkness
2. Sceptre
3. On The Edge
4. Faces
5. Kingdom Of Shadows
6. Helpless
7. Guided By The Stars
8. Breath – The Spell
9. The Illusion
10. The Hell Of Verdun
11. Signs Of The End
12. Touched By the Gods
Total Playing Time: 59:53min

Jvo “JayJay” Julmy – Vocals
Adriano Troiano – Bass & Keyboards
Christof Schafer –Guitars
Alain Curty– Guitars
Jan “The Onion” Zwiebel – Drums

Al Spicher – Drums
Andy Bächler – Drums
Cornelia “Connus” Curty – Violin
Luti – Guitar Solo