Geir Arne Dale ex-Humbucker announced his new project The Lynchburg Company:
Hi everyone! I used to be the drummer, songwriter and manager for Norwegian classic rock band Humbucker. Now I have a new project going on called The Lynchburg Company. All songs are written by myself and I have got friends and legends in the business to help me out doing vocals, guitars and bass. I am super exited about it. If you would like the page I would really appreciate it! There you will find all info, and the new stuff first when it’s ready. A new album is in the making and with some amazing musicians you may know of…! The album will be mixed and mastered by legendary US producer Beau Hill (Ratt,Winger, Warrant, Alice Cooper etc…) Thank you for the support you showed Humbucker whilse I was there. Now, let’s do it again!
Cheers from Norway everyone! 🙂