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Coming from the land of good cheese and wine HOLY CROSS finally present their second album “Place your bets” 4 years after their debut album “Under the Flag”. The band is breaking new ground, because their traditional power metal has been extended with many elements of classic Thrash Metal. The fine and catchy melodies have been preserved, of course, but were embedded in much harder song structures, which gives the album an enhanced variability. According to the new sound vocalist Mickael Champon has adapted his charismatic voice and is now much more aggressive. This makes “Place your bets” sounding amazingly new and fresh provides a lot of fun to the listener.

Release Date: October 25th, 2013
Label: Pure Steel Records
style: Power/Thrash Metal
catalogue nr.: PSRCD080

1. Bad Day (In The Best Of Worlds)
2. Place Your Bets
3. Last Chance
4. Break Your Chains
5. Realm Of Madness
6. From Past To Dust
7. Inner Jail
8. Unleash The Cross
9. Higher & Higher
Total Playing Time: 43:30 min

Adrien Liborio – back vocals, guitars
Mickaël Champon – lead vocals
Loïc Chalindar – guitars, back vocals
Benoit Vicarini – bass
Ludovic Dupont – drums