MelodicRock Records continues its strong affinity with exotic artists, quality melodic hard rock and fostering new artists that deserve exposure alongside the icons of the business.
One artist that fits all three of the above criteria is Portugese rockers INTUITIVE.
MRR will release Intuitive’s debut album ‘Reset’ on February 26.
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Intuitive is the brainchild of ex-Faithfull guitarist Rui Martins. After the end of Faithfull – a project that reached the charts in Japan with its two albums – guitarist and songwriter Rui Martins continued to compose music while playing live with his cover band Roadies, a band with 21 years in the business.
It’s in the midst of the Roadies family that Martins meets Alexandre “Xano” Fernandes, their former singer and also ex-Winesnake (Whitesnake tribute band). Owner of a deep voice and great stage presence, Alexandre Fernandes is the right choice to handle the vocal duties. For the bass spot, Martins invites his longtime friend and ex-Faithfull band mate, Mário Barbosa.
João Colaço (ex-Rage of Angels), one of the most sought-off session drummers in Portugal, completes the quartet.
And so Intuitive is born – with no score to settle with the past and with their eyes set on the future. Melodic and powerful hard rock with a positive attitude is the soundtrack for this journey.
The story is yet to be written, but Intuitive will try to write it with passion. With enthusiasm and humility, the band is ready to showcase the music in all corners of the world, and is thrilled to join the ranks of MelodicRock Records with this first release. Called ‘Reset’, it represents that fresh new start that we all, sometimes, seem to need and that the world so urgently desires.
Intuitive‘s debut ‘Reset‘ will be released via MRR on February 26.
Pre-orders available this week. But first – two FULL LENGTH preview tracks!