Once again Julian Angel and his Beautiful Beast are taking a ride on the time machine back to 1989. Their third album ‘Kick Down The Barricades’, which will see the light of day far in the future on January 24, 2014 on the Platinum Blonde label sounds as old fashioned as any hair metal fan would expect it to be. To fuel anticipation and curiosity – especially their own – the band has released a music video of the album’s opening track ‘Bad Boys Never Dance’ which features a story that’s absolutely stereotyped, clichéd and predictable – but just what the 80s rock fan will love. Oh, and the music rocks too…

The video clip is now available at Youtube at the link below and also feat. a guest performance from legendary UK writer Kelv Hellrazer.


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Line-Up: Julian Angel (lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitars), Frank Mc Douglas (bass, backing vocals) and Ramy Ali (drums, percussion, backing vocals)

Website: www.beautifulbeastrock.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/beautifulbeastrock