After another successful tour in the South American, the legendary Picture announced reunion with the original members.

Official announcement:

“It is with great excitement that we can announce the reunion of the original Picture members!
Together with Ronald van Prooijen and Jan Bechtum and with Len Ruygrok as 5th member, we are ready to give our fans heavy metal ears as we did in the past.
How many bands of our age can say the same? This is truly unique!
The rehearsals that we did sounded like we never stopped.
We’ll keep you updated because we will certainly be touring in this classic line-up with songs mainly from our first 3 albums.
Expect the classic line-up on stage somewhere this summer!
From now on, the shows will be booked by Ludy Wetzl Eternal Rock … Ludy@eternalrock.nl | www.eternalrock.nl.

Rien Vreugdenhil and Laurens Bakker


Before that, the now ex-Picture members Pete Lovell, Andre Wullems and Mike Ferguson, join forces in Lovell’s Blade that announced the following:

” Due to decisions made inside the band in which I have no influence I regret that I have no option other that to leave Picture.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all friends and fans for their support and encouragement throughout the years.
My career is of course not over.
I will be forming a new band “Lovell’s Blade” together with band mates Andre Wullems and Mike Ferguson.
We have enrolled Noel van Eersel on drums and Patrick Velis on Bass”

Confirmed performances with Picture will of course be honored and proceed without change

Lovell’s Blade will be recording a new album and touring at the end of 2016

Pete Lovell


Mike Ferguson, Pete Lovell and Andre Wullems (Lovell’s Blade)