Soldier (2015)

Soldier were formed back in 1979 by guitarist Ian Alan Dick.

Soldier started off life as a hard rock band but very soon with the addition of Steve Barlow on bass and Ian Astrop on drums started writing heavier material, which was well illustrated by their first official recording ‘Storm Of Steel’ on the Heavy Metal Records compilation ‘Heavy Metal Heroes’ in 1981.

Probably best known for their 1982 single ‘Sheralee’, again released on Heavy Metal Records, Soldier became firmly established in the genre known as the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Over the next few years the band toured extensively and turned down several record deals in hope of an offer from a larger label.

Soldier finally came to an end in 1984 by which time Phil Lewis of LA Guns and Girl was fronting the band on vocals.


Soldier reformed back in 2002 with the (almost) original line-up of Garry Phillips on vocals. Ian Dick on guitar, Steve Barlow on bass and Ian Astrop on drums

They entered the studio once more and recorded the ‘Infantrycide’ EP.  ‘Infantrycide’ had originally been written by Nick Lashley (one of the band’s later guitarists) and Nick sent over his guitar solo from the States.

Recording a full studio album was an itch Soldier had to scratch. They re-entered the studio to record ‘Sins Of The Warrior’ which was released the re-launched Heavy Metal Records. At this time Ian was replaced on drums by Alex Smith. During this period Soldier were also approached by Hellion Records to release some of their back catalogue: the album was entitled ‘Heavy Metal Force’.

Sadly though, due to Garry’s health problems, the band faltered once more.


After recruiting vocalist Richard Frost and with the addition of Miles Goodman on second guitar Soldier were back once more. After being invited to play the British Steel Festival they were given the impetus to get back on the road.

Numerous gigs followed including Brofest and Headbangers Open Air in Germany, and a trip to the studios resulted in the critically-acclaimed ‘Dogs Of War’ album.

Under their own label Starhaven Records they released the double CD ‘Chronicles’ in 2014 which finally put to bed all their old recordings from 1979 onwards. The same year also saw the remastered concert ‘Live At The Heathery’ made available for the first time: the gig was recorded on Soldier’s tour of Scotland in back in 1983.

In 2015 with the new addition of Tim Churchman on drums Soldier have a new album entitled ‘Defiant’.

Resolved to continue writing and recording music and playing live at festivals across the globe, Soldier are determined to keep the NWOBHM flag flying.

Ian Alan Dick/John Tucker 2015


Soldier – Defiant (2015)

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