The Deep


Location: London, England

Current Members:

Vocals – Tony Coldham (Ex-Minas Tirith, Deep Machine, Ocean, Strutt, Airrace)

Guitars – Paul Smith (Ex-Janine, Deep Machine, Strutt, Shattered Hearts, Bug-eyed Starfish)

Guitars – Mick Feleppa (Ex-Great British Heroes, Havoc, Ash, Strutt)

Bass – Don Whiberley (Ex-Equinox)

Drums – Steve Kingsley (Ex-Omega, Deep Machine, Rogue Male, Vardis)


Previous members:

Guitars – Tony Harris (Ex-Burn, Deep Machine)

Bass – Andy Wrighton (Ex- Deep Machine, currently with Tokyo Blade)

Bass – Kevin Riddles (Ex-Angel Witch, currently with Tytan)

Bass – Bob Allen

Bass – Phil Reeve


Albums: Premonition (release – March 2015)

01 – The Rider

02 – You Take My Breath Away

03 – Night-stalker

04 – Cold-hearted

05 – All I Want

06 – Out Of Touch

07 – Premonition

08 – Spell-bound

09 – Saga

10 – Turn Me Loose



The Deep may be a comparatively new name to the metal scene, but the genesis of the band goes way back to the early eighties. In early 1982 ex-Angel Witch front-man and guitarist Kevin Heybourne had just quit the NWOBHM band Deep Machine, taking with him the vocalist and drummer to form a new line up of Angel Witch. Remaining guitarist John Wiggins and bassist Andy Wrighton then set about trying to find replacement musicians. They quickly recruited ex-Minas Tirith vocalist Tony Coldham and ex-Burn guitarist Tony Harris.

Before the line-up could be completed Wiggins was invited to join Paul Di’Anno’s new band Lonewolf (later to become the band Di’Anno). Open auditions were then held and guitarist PaulSmith (ex-Janine) and drummer Steve Kingsley (ex-Omega) were brought into the fold. Within weeks the band had recorded a demo and was gigging. The 1982 line up of Deep Machine quickly developed a reputation for excellent song writing and musicianship and, most importantly, for dynamic and exciting live shows. Several bootleg recordings, especially the gigs in Holland, are still in circulation to this day.

Unfortunately, due to internal friction, the band split up. Coldham, Harris and Smith went on to form Strutt, Wrighton joined John Wiggins in Tokyo Blade and Kingsley joined Rogue Male.

In 2012, thirty years after they had last played together, the members of the 1982 line-up of Deep Machine got together again for a blast in a rehearsal studio. They were all amazed at how good it still sounded and four of the members decided to re-form the band (disappointingly, after a short while with the band, Andy Wrighton was unable to commit to the project because he was already heavily committed to working with Tokyo Blade). At this point the band members were now unable to use the name Deep Machine because it was already taken, so they instead adopted the name The Deep. Sadly, Tony Harris was also forced to pull out of the project because of an ongoing physical illness which prevents him from being able to play guitar. However, Tony’s contribution to the band in terms of song writing has been immense and he remains, in many ways, the band’s ‘sixth member’.

Coldham, Kingsley and Smith auditioned bass players with the intention of working as a four piece (albeit temporarily). For a while another ex-Angel Witch band member Kevin Riddles joined the band. However, Kevin was also committed to several other projects, including Tytan, and it became impractical for him to continue with The Deep. Eventually, Mick Feleppa, a guitarist Coldham knew from his days in Strutt was recruited together with comparative new-comer Don Whiberley on bass. Then,near the end of 2013, the band proceeded to record a self-financed, self-produced album,Premonition,at The Vatican recording studios in the east-end of London.

Over the course of a year, on and off, the band recorded and mixed the album working alongside in-house engineer, Steve Good. Throughout this time there were lots of breaks in the sessions because the band started to gig in 2014. However, The Deep finally completed all recording and mixing in January 2015.

The albumPremonition in true NWOBHM style features several songs from the 1982 set list: The Rider, Night-Stalker, Premonition, Spell-Bound & Saga, together with songs written from early to late 1980’s whilst in the band Strutt: All I Want, You Take My Breath Away, Out Of Touch & Turn Me Loose. The album also features the song Cold-Heated written in the early nineties by Coldham and Smith during their ‘The Rodford Files’ project.

The Deep will be gigging in the UK and Europe throughout 2015