January 2017 will see the release of not one but two albums from Desolation Angels! First to be released will be a 30th anniversary edition of the highly acclaimed self titled, Desolation Angels album from 1986 including classic DA tracks such as Spirit of the Deep, Dance of the Demons and Valhalla, featuring founding band members Robin Brancher and Keith Sharp, guitars.

 During 2016, the band worked with renowned top producer, Chris Tsangarides, resulting in a stunning album entitled ‘KING’. Comprising of nine brand new tracks, this album marks a different direction for the band. The new line up is completed with Clive Pearson (bass), Chris Takka (drums) and Paul Taylor (vocals) previously of Elixir and Midnight Messiah.

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Desolation Angels 30th Anniversary Album,

Disc One:

Spirit Of The Deep

Evil Possessor


Unsung Hero

Death Machine

Wild Gypsy Woman

Dance Of The Demons

Angry Rain

Disc Two:

Live set recorded at the infamous

‘Ruskin Arms’ London 1983

Spirit of the deep

Unsung hero


Hounds of hell

No mercy

Death machine

Satan’s child

Angry rain



Vocals: Dave Wall

Guitars: Robin Brancher

Guitars: Keith Sharp

Bass Guitar: Joe Larner

Drums: Brett Robertson

Recorded at: Thameside Studios Rotherhithe

Produced by: Jerry Tilley & Desolation Angels

Engineered by: Steve Chapman

Airbrushed art by: Ken Ley (RIP)

Cover concept by: Desolation Angels