After 41 years and 5 months the partnership, and sadly the friendship, of Lead vocalist Danny Hynes & Guitarist Jeff Summers is over..
Jeff has decided to step down from Weapon due to our ‘personal differences’ We won’t be making any further comments on this matter so please respect that and don’t question me on his decision. End of..

Meanwhile Danny will continue to front Weapon and will fulfil forthcoming obligations with a new lineup before beginning work on a new album.
While Tony Forsythe takes time out to deal something far more important than music, his prostrate cancer treatment, our good friend Swedish rocker Robert Majd will stand in for him, with Tony’s blessing we might add! And we look forward to Tony rejoining the band once he’s beaten the beast!
Joining us on drums is another Swede, Andreas Westerlund, who played on Weapon’s last gigs in Sweden (October 2019) before the Pandemic shut us down..

The new guitarist will be revealed very soon.. Watch this space…

Thanks to all our friends & fans for your past support and I hope you will continue the journey with me..
My very special thanks to John Phillips, who has been a great drum dep for us on many, many occasions over the past few years..
Onwards and upwards 🤘

Danny Hynes
(Weapon Uk)

Jeff & Danny