Jon Hasselbrink (Attacker)

Hasselbrink takes over from Pat Marinelli, who informed the band at the start of recording for the upcoming album, that after the recording was completed, he would be leaving due to personal reasons.

Mike Sabatini had this to say: “Pat has been with us from the very beginning, we’ve had some great experiences and fun times together, we all wish him the best in his future endeavors”

Hasselbrink was brought to the bands’ attention by vocalist Bobby Lucas who had previously played with Jon in Morbid Sin.

Sabatini: “Jon has stepped in and stepped up handling everything thrown at him, he’s doing a fantastic job and we are glad to have him aboard”.

Attacker will be releasing their new album entitled “Sins of the World” this coming fall through Metal On Metal Records.
The band are also lining up dates for 2017 which include the Pounding Metal Fest on May 5th and 6th in Madrid, Spain.

Here is a preview of the upcoming album: