Undoubtedly, Lost Realm Records is one of those that fills us up. Looking at their releases, we feel like a child in a grand toy store. No need to invent anything, we here really enjoy marching in the past, in the glorious years of Metal. It is with great pride and honor and pride that we carry the latest releases. Here is the re-release of ATTAKK ‘Riding The Dragon 1988/1991’, which had sold out its first edition for Lost Realm in the same year of release. It’s also now available in an ultra rare edition in a fantastic box set! Now have one more opportunity, do not stay asleep and guarantee this preciousness now!
And what about the release of BLACKLYST ‘Liars, Killers, and Master Thieves’? This is so good for our ears … A must, my friends! Recorded in 1990 but still with our feet dipped in the 80’s, you can be sure that we are in the presence of a true power metal masterpiece from Chicago US. Now the best thing to do is to buy this CD and check how right I am.
Then I want to hear your opinions! 
Carlos Santos