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BLACK HAWK from Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) belongs almost among the founding fathers of the classic Metal-scene. The band was formed in 1981 but had only some self-releases before they split up in 1997. Their first album “Twentyfive” was released in 2005 after their reunion. Their second album “Dragonride” and the two following were released by Karthago Records. Now our Pure Underground sub-label presents their latest album “A Mighty Metal Axe”. Their musical style has changed not very much since the 2010 album “Straight to Hell”; the eleven tracks feature mostly hard Metal. Straight and quick double-bass songs like “The Fighter”, “Heroes” and the final song “Beast in Black”, catchy SAXON-like pounders like “Nightrider” or “Killer”, or the more quiet and exceptional “FashionVictim”, which got an acoustic-guitar intro: “A Mighty Metal Axe” breathes the pure spirit of the glorious German Metal- and NWoBHM-times. Udo Bethke’s rough but very melodic voice, the harmonic interplay of both guitars and the firm production which has lots of rough edges give BLACK HAWK’s sound a special kind of originality, which makes them distinct from the multitude of releases. Powerful, straight and true Heavy Metal of the best kind: A manifesto for all Heavy Metal traditionalists!

Release Date: October 25th, 2013
Label: Pure Underground Records
style: Heavy Metal
catalogue nr.: PURCD015

1. Arise (Intro)
2. Fear
3. The Fighter
4. A Mighty Metal Axe
5. Nightrider
6. FashionVictim
7. Burning Angels
8. Skills of Arabia
9. Killer
10. Heroes
11. Venom of the Snake
12. Beast in Black
Total Playing Time: 45:29 min

Udo Bethke – Vocals
Michael Wiekenberg – Bass
Thorsten Bettge – Guitar
Dan Schamschor – Drums
Günter Kruse – Guitars