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After 41 years and 5 months the partnership, and sadly the friendship, of Lead vocalist Danny Hynes & Guitarist Jeff Summers is over..Jeff has ...
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Tarantula: Capa e Alinhamento de “Thunder Tunes from Lusitania”

Revelamos aqui a capa e o alinhamento do próximo disco dos TARANTULA, “Thunder Tunes From Lusitania”, a editar a 1 de maio pela Larvae ...
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[PT]Como amante do movimento NWOBHM, é com frequência que bandas da velha guarda britânica, marquem presença aqui nos nossos leitores de ...
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ACELDAMA ‘V7’ CDCULPRIT ‘First Offense’ CDMYRAMAINZ ‘No World For Angels – The Demos’ CD

[PT]Olá amigos, A Lost Realm Records volta a presentear-nos com estas autênticas maravilhas do underground metálico.Todos nós, amantes do mais ...
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Breaking News, DEALER DUDEZ!!

After months & months of frustration during the lockdown of 2020, “Ringmaster”, “Joker”, “Maestro” & “Hippy” got “toge...
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Tygers Of Pan Tang release “Majors & Minors” in May

On May 28th 2021 TYGERS OF PAN TANG will release worldwide their album “Majors & Minors” which continues the band’s legacy ...
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Angriff – Portuguese Thrash Legends Are Back!

• A MISSIVE FROM THE CONVENT •The wait is over..."It is with the utmost joy that we can finally unveil the cover of our forthcoming new album ...
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CRUZ DE FERRO “Leão dos Mares” | Pre Order

Leão dos MaresDo centro de Portugal, com Portugal no centro. Essa é a matriz da Cruz. Heavy metal épico onde a heroica memória nacional ecoa. ...
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“Thunder Tunes From Lusitania” – O regresso dos míticos Tarantula

O novo disco dos Tarantula chama-se "Thunder Tunes From Lusitania" e sairá no dia 1 de maio. O ano de 2021 marca o 40.º aniversário ...
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New Jersey metallers Attacker have just released a brand new single entitled “Spiritual Warfare” exclusively on their BANDCAMP page. The ...
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