Second album from Norway`s Humbucker is called KING OF THE WORLD, and was originally due for release on February 15th. Due to a desease case in our organisation, the album regretfully had to be postponed.

The album will be released world wide on April 10th!

Produced in Trondheim-Norway, the album was produced by Stargate founder Hallgeir Rustan (Elton John, Cheer, Stage Dolls etc…) and drummer Geir Arne Dale.

Mix and mastering was done in the US by legendary producer Beau Hill (Ratt, Warrant, Winger, Alice Cooper etc..)

Cover was made in France by highly acclaimed French photoshop artist Ludovic Cordelières of Rusalkadesign.

Package design was done in the UK by Hugh Gilmour.

The album has allready received fantastic reviews and thumbs up and the band are thrilled that everyone will be able to check it out and hopefully buy it from wherever you buy your fine music!

Released by Humbucker Records, the album is distributed in Europe by German company Musicbuymail (+ worldwide online distribution) and in the USA by Perris Records (+worldwide online distribution)

Humbucker is touring Norway at the moment and plans are being made for a european tour in September/October!

The band are super pleased with the album and are thrilled that it`s finally out! The band and Humbucker Records would also like to thank all the fans out there for their patience!

Official website: