Just a few weeks away. Two amazing headliners….LIEGE LORD and NUCLEAR ASSAULT. Nuclear Assault are on the “Final Assault” tour this year. This may be you last chance to see them around these parts…don’t miss out. It has been a long time since Liege Lord has been around these parts as well. You will not want to miss this rare appearance.

This will also be the first US appearance of Belgium’s OSTROGOTH. This is a big year for the band. They just released a new EP and now their first US show. This is history right here.

We also have two amazing classic metal / hard rock acts playing this year. First from Seattle…Q5. These guys are back and on fire as of late. Also…the Legendary act THE RODS will be here as well. They will be playing stuff from all decades of their career.

We have a few reunions and return to the stage events as well…first being the reunion of Chicago thrash legends AFTERMATH. This will be their first show back in over a decade plus. VATICAN from Ohio will return to the stage after a long hiatus. They just released their material on a new CD from the Cult Metal Classics label. SALEM’S WYCH also return to the stage this year. This is a rare live appearance for this cult act as well.

Then we have bands who have been the backbone to US metal playing this year. First up…the Legendary ATTACKER. It has been a long time since they have been up in these parts so you don’t want to miss out on this. Midwest traditional metal kings SKULLVIEW will be here as well. TWISTED TOWER DIRE is another gem from the US who is playing this year. US metal is alive and well this year. These are the bands that never changed to fit into trends and stayed true to their sound over the many years!

Then coming up from Puerto Rico….doom metal act DANTESCO will return to Chicago. This will be an unholy day for sure!!

Then we have Chicago’s very own HIGH SPIRITS. This band keeps getting bigger and bigger and just returned from a European tour not to long ago. Also from the illinois area…ZUUL will be playing their final live show at the fest this year. Hopefully the rumors are not true. Another reason to get there early so you don’t miss this set. Zuul are an amazing live act and not to be missed. Then we have SATAN’s HALLOW, another Chicago act playing their second show. They will have their brand new tape out for sale at the fest.

There are bands who get hyped and talked about all over the net. This is one such band and they also lived up to the hype and are just an amazing band. SAVAGE MASTER. They will be kicking off saturday so make sure you are there early to see what all the buzz is about.

And last but not least on the mainstage….SKELATOR. They recently released an amazing CD on the Sword and Chains label entitled “King of Fear”. This amazing US metal act will return to Chicago to play their epic metal anthems.

The second stage is also heating up this year. We have a great variety of new and older acts playing this year.

First we have two amazing classic acts. From Ohio…WRETCH. This classic traditional power metal act will be closing out saturday night. This band is full of power and a force to watch live. COVEN 13 will be also playing saturday. These legends from Michigan will be bringing their great blend of Nordic doom to the fest. These guys have an amazing presence live and not to be missed.

Then we have BEYOND FALLEN who have been playing a heavier power metal style for many years and it will be a pleasure to welcome these guys to the stage. And speaking of heavy…KANTATION from California will also be here. Martin is also the guy who runs the Throwback Festival as well. They will also be selling their brand new album at the festival this year as well so you will all be lucky to get it before anyone else.

Then we have one of the hottest new acts from the states playing as well. WALPYRGUS. This band features members from Twisted Tower Dire and have released an amazing EP as well. Speaking on hot new acts…from Maine…HESSIAN. They also have released a new album late last year on Stormspell Records. This act will be one to watch with its rapidly growing fanbase.

Then from Canada….HROM will play their first US show ever as well. You may know some of these guys from our first band to ever play the second stage…Gatekrashor. Hrom will not be the only power metal act this year. MOROS NYX will be playing their first ever live show as well. This new act will be playing songs from their soon to be released album and stuff from the EP.

Then from New York city…traditional metal speed freaks LIGHTNING LORD will be playing Chicago for the first time. For pure high volume speed metal…this is one one to be missed.

Then speaking of debuts…..CRUMBLE was recently added to the show this past weekend. They are a new black thrash act from Detroit. Witness their first ever Chicago show.

And lastly…IRON FINGER….they played the first ever festival and will be headlining the second stage on friday night.

Along with all these debuts and returns and amazing sets…there will also be a vendor area, band merch, and much more. Get there early and get a hug from Odin himself. First 30 only.

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