Gigs and festivals Hi all!As well as the great festivals in Spring, we are able to start telling you about further plans for later in the year:

  • March 15 – Bresccia, Italy – Play It Loud – incl. Holocaust, Black Rose, Muro, Cauldron, Ruler, Volture, National Suicide and others tba
  • April 19 – Stadskanaal, The Netherlands – Very ‘Eavy – incl. Tigers of Pan Tang, Killer, Avenger, and many more great bands
  • Sept 6 – Glasgow, Scotland – Stereo Cafe Bar – with Spartan Warrior and Disaster Area – NEW

And there are other very interesting developments!!

Oh … and we’ll also be hangin’ out at BROFEST#2 in Newcastle, UK in March – do come and have a chat!!

Forgetten Dreams – film

We have been shooting for a short film based on the main themes of the “Forgotten Dreams” lyrics – that is to not let opportunities pass you by.

We spent a few days in the cold, filming in and around Fort Paull a Napoleonic fort and in the crypt under Holy Trinity Church, Hull.  A few photos below …Great fun!!  And the finished film is going to be amazing.
Cool location for a stage!

Forgotten Dreams!

Salem – in the crypt

Forgotten Dreams – CD AND vinylThe CD released in December by Pure Rock Records has been really well received – the reviews have been great.  Thanks to everyone also who have sent us the many, many messages – it’s so good to hear from you and we’re so pleased that you like the music.Thanks also the radio shows who’ve playing the album – for example, it was awesome to be the Templo do Rock Album of the Month.

The vinyl LP will follow towards the end of March – for all you collectors and audiophiles, lovin the analogue sound!  Some minor changes from the CD version.


… and the next album

Yes!!  We are already recording material for the next album.  We’ve got loads of stuff – and we hope you’ll like it as much as Forgotten Dreams.

Keep rockin’ 
Salem  \m/