Suggestions from the Templo do Rock Radio Show for today, tomorrow and forever:
Desolation Angels – King CD and Midnight Messiah – Led into Temptation CD!
For me, it is a great honor to have these two masterpieces of genuine metal at hand. What do they have in common? Nothing less than the legendary vocalist Paul Taylor (ex-Elixir), who with almost 40 years of career, is more active than ever! “King” is his first record with the supreme Desolation Angels. Yes, my friends, this is a must-have album for anyone who knows and likes the band. If you appreciate the good and characteristic classic English metal, this CD is an excellent suggestion!
All we talk about here, is based on the NWOBHM movement, which we cherish on our radio…
And Midnight Messiah, do you know?
They are a band also led by Paul Taylor along with another former member of the Elixir, guitarist Phil Denton. I confess that I was extremely radiant when I listened to their first and great album, “The Root of All Evil”. For me this is a perfect album, which has all the ingredients that I appreciate. One of the best I’ve heard in years! After that, with so many moves around the band, I do not deny it, I was a little apprehensive about the future of the MM. But behold they give fantastic news, announcing the new album! But what a good surprise, Led into Temptation here!
The ingredients are the same, all in the right dose, helping feed the most thirsty of true metal lovers.
Like the previous work, it’s a limited edition, so hurry up to secure your CD, and with a little luck, you can still find the debut album.
I am really happy, and at the same time much emotion, to see exemplary musicians and bands, like Desolation Angels and Midnight Messiah, always giving the best of themselves, for that we all love very much, helping us to keep the body and spirit healthy, and recharged of good metal energies! Yeeaahhhh ….
Carlos Santos
(Templo do Rock)

Desolation Angels:
Paul Taylor – Vocals
Chris Takka – Drums
Clive Pearson – Bass
Keith Sharp – Guitar
Robin Brancher – Guitar

Midnight Messiah:
Paul Taylor – Vocals
Phil Denton – Guitars
Dave Strange – Guitars
Alex Machell – Bass
Darren Lee – Drums